Tuesday, August 11, 2015

5 Jobs Typically Held By Men that Women Do Every Day

August 26th is National Women’s Equality Day. Just in the last 20 years there has been significant progress for women and girls all over the world. This includes, worldwide, more accessibility to education and health resources for women. Since 1995 almost all national constitutions in the world adopted guarantees for gender equality, whereas before that only 79% had it. In terms of the careers and leadership, 33% of 87 countries have or have had a female head of government.

While there has been progress, there are still many aspects of gender equality that need to be improved. One of the most controversial is that of equal pay for men and women in the workplace. On average, women make 77 cents for every dollar men make who have the same job.

Today, women can be anything they want to be - engineers, highway technicians, CEOs, oil drillers - any job that was previously dominated by men. In honor of equality, here’s a list of jobs that society typically stereotypes as being jobs for men that women are doing every day.

A small step for man has evolved into a giant leap for womankind. More and more women are training to be astronauts and go into space than ever before. Going into space can be a dangerous excursion for anybody. That’s why the women going into space, besides being trained for years to be able to work with zero gravity conditions, are engineers that know how to operate machinery in the case that anything goes wrong after liftoff. Brains and the ability to work under high pressure situations are a must for this job.

Vehicle Dynamics Development Engineer
Every time you get behind the wheel of a car, that car has been tested over 100 times to make sure it can withstand a variety of conditions. At big car companies like Ford and GMC, there are test tracks that recreate roads with potholes, black ice and long stretches meant to drive 130 mph on. The drivers testing the cars out for your safety before they are mass produced now include women. Women are living every teenage boy’s dream of being completely destructive with a car to figure out its weaknesses. Between the fun and danger of testing out these cars, it is the job of the engineer to pin point exactly what part of the car needs to be improved from the springs, tires, shocks and more.

It’s not just men in the lab anymore. The amount of women in science continues to grow each year that a new class of graduates takes to the work force. One of the growing paths is that of women in medical sciences. More and more women are doing a risky job in order to find a cure for deadly diseases and agents of bio-terrorism.

Oil Driller
When you think of oil drilling, you might think of the glitz and glamor of the hit show “Dallas.” However, that is far from reality with most drilling occurring offshore and requiring laborious 12 hour shifts. It is reported that women started entering this industry for the high pay. Just like men, women are packing up their work gloves, getting their hands dirty and taking on the unknown that comes with working with a highly combustible product.

Law Enforcement
It’s no secret that when it comes to women in law enforcement, they experience large amounts of discrimination on the job. That’s why it takes some of the toughest women to be able to one not only handle dangerous situations, but also prove themselves to their male co-workers. Despite the challenges of the job, ladies continue to suit up and show that they are equals and ready to take on anything that comes their way.

This list is not, by far, a complete list of all of the dangerous jobs women brave day in and day out. Construction workers, truck drivers, welders, and mechanics – the list goes on. We love to support workers, both female and male, who do the tough, dirty and often times dangerous jobs that help our cities and towns grow, stay healthy and flourish. On the job safety is incredibly important across a wide range of industries, not just the ones appearing on this list.

Be sure you protect yourself and others around you by utilizing the proper work safety gear. And ladies, show your girl pride with Girl Power at Work personal protective equipment made just for you!

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